Antenatal Care

Antenatal care during pregnancy is the most important part of the prenatal period, in order to deliver a healthy baby and to retain mother’s health status. It starts soon after the missed periods in planned pregnancy or in unplanned pregnancy may start after getting confirmed by a doctor. The antenatal care services also provides a complete care and treatment to the unborn baby and the mother.

Antenatal care treatment during pregnancy involves monthly visits to doctor in order to access, prevent and treat the infections during the pregnancy period to avoid complications.

The antenatal examination procedure can be divided into 3 trimester check-ups;

First Trimester:
  • The first check-up is when you miss your monthly periods or between 8-12 weeks of pregnancy.
  • The last date of the menstrual cycles are noted as to count the EDD (ESTIMATED DATE OF DELIVERY) of the baby.
  • The medical history including diabetes, hypothyroidism, hypertension or any other infectious diseases are noted and treated.
  • The screening tests are carried out to rule out the infections and other illness.
  • Medications such as folic acid and vitamin D supplements are administered during this period.
  • A detailed advice on diet, nutrition, healthy weight gain, lifestyle corrections, biological changes, psychological changes are given to the pregnant lady.

Second Trimester:
  • Second antenatal check-up is between 20-24 weeks.
  • The scanning for the growth of the uterus and the fetus is conducted.
  • Assessment for the growth of the baby is done.
  • Fetal position and its movements are noted.
  • Fetal heartbeat is monitored.

Third Trimester:
  • During this period, antenatal examination procedures are conducted every once in 4 weeks and in the last month weekly once until the baby is delivered.
  • This period of pregnancy is most important as it involves more risks of preterm labor or any other miscarriages.
  • The screening tests are conducted again to prevent any other medical emergencies at the time of delivery.
  • Growth of the uterus and the baby is monitored and assessed.
  • Position of the baby and the head fixation is noted to access the type of delivery.
  • Quantity of liquor amine and the fetal heart beats are monitored regularly.
  • CTG diagnosis is done to assess the fetal heart beat.

Apart from the monthly check-ups, antenatal care services in Lakshmi Fertility Centre, Sivakasi, also includes the counselling for mother, (as the pregnancy women undergo many psychological and emotional imbalances) and father.