Assessment and Counseling

Any psychological stress, hopelessness, anger, irritability in the marital life can be one of the cause for infertility which should be corrected by advising the mental relaxation exercises. In case of severe mental depression, anti-depressants may be of help before starting with the infertility treatment.

Physical Screening:

Any infections or diseases such as mumps, diabetes, anti-hypertensive drugs, malnutrition, anti-psychotic drugs, thyroid problems, varicocele especially in males should be evaluated. Even evaluation of genetical factors in both men and women helps in assessing the results of treatment.

Menstrual Screening:

A detailed menstrual history is important to know the ovulation cycles of the women. This helps in ruling out the hormonal conditions such as PCOD’s, irregular cycles, endometriosis which are the important causes for infertility in females.

Occupational History:

Working in high temperature areas or exposure to radiations can result in the death of the sperms leading to the infertility in males. Hence occupational history is also as important to assess the sperm health.

Lifestyle Screening:

Obesity, smoking, narcotic drugs and alcohol consumption can be the causes for infertility, hence evaluating and correcting them increases the success rates of pregnancy.

Sexual History:

Although many couples hesitate to share their personal moments, it is important in evaluating the conditions like impotency, failure of reaching the sperms in high vagina, lack of sex knowledge, infrequent intercourse, pain during sexual act, use of lubricants during intercourse, which can be spermicidal are important in treating infertility.


The gynecologists carefully and tactfully elicit and assess all the problems of the couple both together and in personal. It is also proved that assessment and counselling done before and during the treatment process helps in coping with the grief, depression and other diseases successfully which helps in increasing the chances of pregnancy.


With the complete assessment, the male and female fertility testing is done so as to conclude with the diagnosis of the female infertility or male infertility. This further can help in the effective treatment plan to conduct the further procedures.