Donor Egg

IVF donor egg is the term used, when the female donates her eggs to the other infertile women in order to conceive or for biomedical research. This is an improved artificial reproductive technology method, where IVF treatment is done using the eggs of the other female.

The first case of egg donation to treat infertility was reported in the year 1983 in Australia. The IVF donor egg technique is very helpful in females

  • Who do not have ovaries or operated or removed because of medical conditions.
  • Who cannot produce the eggs due to the hormonal causes.
  • Who have attained early menopause at the age of 30’s.
  • Who cannot produce their own eggs genetically.
  • Unexplained infertility even after self-producing eggs.

Donor Egg IVF Process

In the donor egg IVF process, first the female consent is taken for the IVF treatment. Then she is been screened for various diseases both physically and mentally and then the ovary stimulation therapy is done. After the ovarian stimulation, the egg is released which retrieved every month for 2-3 successive months, so as to decrease the chances of failures and excess eggs can be freezed. Now after the retrieval, the egg is fertilized in the liquid media in an IVF centre under the specific temperature and conditions. After 16-18 hours of fertilization the embryo is formed which is then transferred into the uterine lining of the infertile female. This embedded embryo is then monitored and regular tests are conducted monthly to access the normal pregnancy. In case of any embedded failures, the entire process is repeated again with the preserved donor egg.

Selection of Donor Egg

Selection of the donor is probably the most important thing in this technique, as this can become a legal custody issues in future. So donor should be usually from the family or should be a friend, or should be willing to donate the egg for monetary purposes. There are also some centers providing the donor eggs for this IVF purpose, where the eggs have been taken and stored from the healthy females.


The IVF done using donor eggs technique has been helpful to many childless infertile females. This also has the positive and high success rates when compared to other ART techniques with a minimum period of time.

The donor egg IVF success rates are high as 60-80% when the egg is taken from the fresh cycle of the donor female. In spite of many religious views regarding accepting the donor egg in India, it has been considered as the life giving act.