Infertility Treatments

What is Infertility?

Infertility refers to the failure of the reproduction for the period of 1 or more years even after regular unprotected sex. This infertility can be the result of problems in either of the partner or sometimes in both the partners. So treatment usually starts from the assessment and counselling of the couples to reassure and then with the routine blood and other investigations so as to evaluate the physical, emotional and pathological causes of infertility and then finally end in the treatment and medications including modern infertility treatment methods for both males and females.

In recent years, one of the common issues faced by the married couples is infertility. In country like India, being childless is still a taboo. But science and medical fields in recent years has grown efficiently to treat many complicated infertility cases successfully.

The Conditions Which Require Infertility Treatments:

Male Causes:
  • Extreme oligospermia - where the sperm count is less than 15 million sperms/mL.
  • Azoospermia - where the sperm count is below 5 million sperm/mL.
  • Low volume of semen ejaculation.
  • Impotency - inability or lack of knowledge to perform sex.

Female Causes:
  • Ovulatory factors such as suppressed or irregular menses and PCOD’s.
  • Tubal factors such as adhesions or any blocks within the fallopian tubes.
  • Abnormal growth such as endometriosis, fibroids and infections.
  • Cervical factors such as any chlamydia infections or stenosis.
  • Immunological causes such as presence of antisperm antibodies in the cervical mucus which leads to death of the sperms.
  • Unexplained infertility, where the cause is not known.

The Inventory Modern Methods of Treatment are

The treatment of infertility usually lasts from few months to few years depending on the causative factors in both the couples, response to the treatment, health conditions and most importantly on regular follow-ups. The positive pregnancy rates are increased to 50-60% after the treatment which was 20-30% before the start of the treatment. But in some cases, success rates not only depend on medications and other inventive procedures, but it also depends on the lifestyle and emotional causes which needs counselling, balanced diet and some dietary corrections too.

IVF Testimonial

What our patients say
about our treatment

We are filled with immense joy and gratitude towards Lakshmi Hospital and Dr.Rama Venkatesh Madam for helping us with birth of our wonderful twin babies.The Doctors & staff showed aduirable professionalism,love and patience from the beginning till the day we got discharged.We hope the says of joy we experienced at this wonderful hospital would shine brightly on all the aspiring parents who walk into this one of a kind facility.

Pramila W/O.Pravin

During our 15years of married life we have tried many hospitals for treatment for infertility, finally we got our first son after coming to Lakshmi Test Tube Baby Center, Sivakasi

Mariammal W/O. Kandasamy

“At the age of 45 i dint even think i would be able to get pregnant for the first time, Thanks to hospital for the IVF treatment”

Vijayalakshmi W/O.Subbaiah Pandi