IVF Treatments

The field of reproductive medicine has changed after the first ever birth of Louise Brown in 1978 by IVF-ET technique. Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards of England introduced this technique. IVF fertility treatment is the rapidly growing fertility treatment in recent decades in India, due to its success rates and affordability.

Types of IVF Treatments

Many IVF centres in India is emerging with the new techniques of ART, in order to treat the infertile couples. But not all the females can undergo IVF procedures and process, as there are additional requirements to perform IVF. But those couples are further considered for other ART procedures such as GIFT (Gamete intra-folicular transfer), ZIFT (Zygote intra-fallopian transfer), POST (Peritoneal oocyte and sperm transfer), TET (Tubal Embryo Transfer), SUZI (Sub zonal insemination), ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection), AH (Assisted hatching), IVM (In vitro maturation of oocyte), PGD (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis),

Some of the ideal conditions to perform IVF treatment are

  • Presence of the ovarian reserve should be less than 10 IU/L.
  • The sperm donor or the husband should have the normal seminogram (normal sperm count) with increased motility rate of the sperms.
  • The couple undergoing treatment should be screened negative for infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis.
  • In females, there should be the normal uterine cavity and should be evaluated for the same by hysteroscopy or sonohysterography.


The indications for in-vitro fertilization treatment in couples are; tubal diseases, unexplained infertility, endometriosis, male factor infertility, failed ovulation induction, ovarian failure such as donor oocyte IVF, women with normal ovaries but with no functional uterus in mullerian agenesis and women with genetic risk factors.

Uses of IVF Treatments

IVF treatments has helped to treat complicated infertility cases. The uses of IVF treatments are;

  • To treat female infertility in cases of tubal blocks and adhesions.
  • To treat unexplained infertility cases.
  • To treat the female infertility, in cases with the endometriosis.
  • To treat the male infertility causes, where there is defect in the sperm quality.
  • It also helps in treating the both male and female infertility causes by gestational surrogacy.

Factors affecting IVF

The IVF fertility success rates in India has increased to 50-60% after the IVF treatment procedures. The success rates of IVF also depends on the maternal age, duration of the infertility or subfertility, production of follicle stimulating hormone, number of oocytes and the presenting conditions and normal functioning of the uterus and the ovaries. The success rates of IVF at Lakshmi Fertility Centre is 60%.

Factors affecting Pregnancy

There are also some factors affecting the pregnancy, even after the successful implantation of the fertilized embryo within the female uterus, such as; Antral follicle count – increased count leading to the increased chances of the pregnancy, anti-mullerian hormonal levels, good sperm quality, alcohol intake, tobacco smoking, emotional stress, depression, the number of embryos transferred during the procedure, quality of the oocyte and the embryo, presence of autoimmune diseases in females and males, medical illness like gestational diabetes, hypertension, spontaneous abortion and obesity.

Complications of IVF

Though it is a boon to many childless people, it also has some of the complications associated during the IVF treatments such as increased chances of multiple birth rates, distortions in the sex ratio at birth, spread of infectious diseases during sperm washing, risks of ovarian stimulation leading to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, ectopic pregnancy, birth defects like septal heart defects, cleft palate, esophageal atresia and anorectal atresia. At Lakshmi Fertility Centre, we work closely with embryologist and IVF specialist to eliminate all avoidable complication associated with IVF from the very beginning of IVF process.

We provide one of the best IVF treatment in India, wherein our trained and experienced IVF specialists helping the infertile couples to have their child and making their dreams come true with minimum associated complications.