Sperm Freezing

Sperm freezing also called as semen cryopreservation, is a technique where the semen or the sperm cells are preserved under specific conditions with the intention to donate the sperms or to become the parent in the future years.

Uses for Sperm Freezing

There are no physical or functional causes for the sperm freezing, but the uses of sperm freezing are

  • For the sperm donation, wherein the infertile couple can use this sperms to attain pregnancy.
  • In cases of sterilization, the sperms are frozen for future fertility.
  • In cases of person is undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy to treat cancer.


Before starting with the actual procedure, the male is screened for the infectious diseases as the sample needs special care and maintenance. Then the semen is collected from the masturbation technique after 2 days of abstinence of sex. The semen are usually washed by swim-up method or central gradient centrifugation method before freezing or also may remained unwashed throughout the freezing.

There may be some addition of other cryoprotectants added to increase the viability and the fertility rates. This also helps to avoid the premature death of the sperm cells. Vitrification is the method used in preserving the sperm cells as this freeze the cells without forming the ice. In this technique, the sperms can be frozen for the period of 22 years without affecting the quality and the fertility rates of the sperms.


When the female is ready is conceive, then with the help of IVF techniques, the frozen sperms of her husband or the donor sperms are fertilized along with her eggs in the culture medium or even with the method of ICSI (Intracytoplasmic semen injection) the fertilization of the embryo is initiated which when formed is implanted into the uterine endometrium or within the female uterus to achieve the pregnancy.